20ce1cca03d6653518e5bbe8c720dca0Kids rooms no longer have to be the main playrooms in their house. If you have a spare bedroom that can be a playroom, then you can keep their bedrooms clean and give them a space to just play. There are a lot of things you can do with this space, and this guide can help! Use it to create the ultimate playroom and you might be surprised at how much more your little ones play and use their imagination!

1. Decorate the Walls

The walls should express fun and excitement, especially in a room that is specifically meant for fun. Paint them with bright colours that appeal to your taste and creativity. If you cannot paint the room because you’re renting or don’t want a permanent change, then you can buy wall decals. These feature all sorts of popular cartoon characters and won’t damage your walls because they stick on and simply peel right off. After you have the space decorated, you can get started making the walls useful! – Create a magnetic play board by going to your local home improvement store and purchasing a large piece of galvanized sheet metal. After you have this, purchase a frame that will fit the size of it and attach it on. Place this board in the play room, making sure it’s at a height where your child can play with it without a struggle. Get them some fun animal, alphabet or shape magnets and let them play without having to use your fridge for the base! DSC_0163 – Create a chalkboard wall in the room that they can draw, colour and erase on as they please. There are chalkboard spray paints available at home improvement stores that are easy to apply and will turn your wall into a chalkboard. Once this is dry your kids can use chalk on it to draw pictures, write letters or do anything else that they please. The best part about this is that they can colour on the walls without you having to worry about how you will get it off. – If chalkboard spray paint on the walls is not an option, then consider getting an extra-large dry erase board. Put this on the wall so that it’s the height of your child, and then they can colour or draw as they please. Just make sure they have a bunch of markers and erasers to use so they can express their creativity.

2. Create a Reading Nook

reading-nook-9Encourage reading by making a nook that is just for it! Start out by putting some child size bookshelves on one side of the wall in the corner of the room. This is more effective than simply putting books in a bucket, as kids will be able to see the books and choose from them without making a mess. After this, purchase a bunch of bean bags and put them on the floor with a throw blanket and some pillows. To finish off the space, put a reading lamp that will provide additional reading light at night. Tip: There are wall decals you can purchase with quotes from children’s books. Put these on the walls in the reading nook to encourage kids to read and have some fun with the space.

3. Create a Creativity Corner

Make a creativity corner where your kids can draw, make crafts and use their imagination to put things together. You can do this by putting some children’s furniture (tables and chairs) in the corner. Next to those place a storage drawer tower that has several different drawers inside of it. Fill this with things like clay, paints, felt shapes, crayons, colouring books and other craft items that let your children explore their own creativity. Tip: Put an easel in the creativity corner where your child can paint with watercolours. If you do this, just put a piece of plastic underneath it to help avoid any major messes.

4. Decorate the Rest of the Room

- Use the sides of the rooms to store the toys. The first way to do this is by putting up shelves and placing fabric bins in them, which can hold small Playroom-Makeover-Reveal-13toys. These are great because they look nice, are easy for kids to grab and hide toys when the room isn’t in use. – Put a fun run in the middle of the room that kids can use for playing. One rug that is great in kid’s rooms is a street or road map, which makes playing with toy cars or trucks a lot more exciting. – Put children’s furniture in the middle of the room where kids can bring their toys to play with. This can also be a spot where they eat snacks in between playing. Visit http://www.pinterest.com/pin/199495458466954273/ to get an idea of what a nice room can look like. Tip: Don’t leave the television in the room, or else they are likely to watch that instead of play. If you do want a television in the room, then try and keep it in a closet or in an area where it isn’t immediately noticed. That way you can use it when you want, but the rest of the time they can focus on playing without the electronics.

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How to Create the Ultimate Playroom
As our kids grow we want to give them space to use their imaginations and be creative. Maya has given some great ideas on how to create a space where they can relax, have fun, and read their favourite books

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