uncluttering tips

Get rid of the clutter in your life

If that last time that you looked for the remote you found it buried under piles of paper and old books, it might be time to clean house. While washing the old coffee mugs and disinfecting the tub are helpful, the best thing you can do to make your house feel fresh and liveable is remove the clutter. Though it can seem like an overwhelming task, there are simple tricks you can use to maximize the space available in your house.

Start Small

Don’t think that you need to completely clear out the entire house in one day. Rather, pace yourself. Try setting a small, concrete goal to fulfil every day. For example, you could fill one garbage bag daily, or give away one item per day. Try giving yourself exactly 20 minutes to work. Break your project down into manageable tasks. It can be super overwhelming if you try and clean up or get rid of everything you don’t need or want. A lot of people will start strong, but get burned out easily after working for hours on end, and seeing little progress.

Play with Numbers

Create a strategy to clean up using numbers. For example, each day complete five tasks. Each task should involve five things.

The first task could be to give away five items. The second could be to move five things to self storage units if you have one. The third task could be to throw away five things. This goes back to starting small. Just a few things here and there, as long as you’re conscious about it, picking up, or throwing things out in passing will start to clear out the clutter quicker than you think.

The fourth task could be to put five things away. Finally, the fifth task could be to reuse five things. If you’ve ever seen those hoarding shows on TV, some people hesitate throwing out plastic bottles, and other trash. If you have that same mentality, then just get one plastic water bottle and reuse it. Less trash, better for the environment, and last but not least, LESS CLUTTER!

Reclaim Your Space

If you just can’t get rid of junk that is just taking too much space, again, storage units are a good option. A company named Irvine CA storage has said that about 10% of all households in America use some sort of self storage option. Don’t feel like its some weird taboo, or something that criminals use to hide something. Reclaim your space and store your junk.

Use Imagination

If you’ve lived in the same house for a long time, you might be so used to the status quo that it’s hard to imagine a change. Grab a pen and paper and spend ten minutes brainstorming how you could redesign to utilize your space more efficiently.

Adding a few bookshelves or drawers under a bed is often the perfect solution to a clutter problem. Think of your living area as a blank canvas rather than an obstacle. If you’re not that creative, then flip on the TV and look around for the DIY networks that seem to be becoming more popular all the time. There are several shows that just focus on creating more space, remodelling etc.. Looking on line at articles similar to this one is another great way to get ideas if you’re struggling to come up with some yourself.

Ask Around

Invite over a few friends who don’t usually see your house. Ask your nieces, a new babysitter, or even your boss for their opinion on how it looks. Use their fresh perspective to fuel your revamp.

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