Live longer with a new wonder drug

We all think we want to live longer, but clearly this has to be healthier also. Take a look at my article “How to live Longer and Enjoy a Healthier Life!” to get some ideas on how to naturally keep yourself fitter and healthier.

But apparently scientist have come up with a new wonder drug that anyone can take from the age of 50 on and it will reduce dramatically your chances of getting a heart attack or having a stroke.

The research shows

A study carried out by academics at Queen Mary University of London found that regular takers of the pill, which was comprised of 3 blood pressure lowering drugs and a statin, had dramatic reductions in blood cholesterol and pressure.

Dr David Wald a consultant cardiologist, who led the trials and whose father Professor Sir Nicholas Wald invented the pill said “On average, those who benefit would gain 11 years of life without a heart attack or stroke.

In fact the trail which took 84 people over the age of 50 who had no history of cardiovascular disease, they were given a pill every day for 12 weeks. Compared to those taking a placebo the patients blood pressure reduced by 12% and the amount of harmful cholesterol in their blood dropped by 39%.

This all sounds great, but let me suggest that if we want to live longer there may be issues we are not taking into consideration.

Do we really want to Live Longer?

There are two things we need to think about with this scenario:-

  1. I have absolutely no medical background, but a friend who has been taking statins for a number of years has in the last three years had to have a new knee and a new shoulder bone put in. The reason she was told was because the statins dried the cartilage that oils the movement of joints. My doctor confirmed this and said when prescribing statins you had to weigh up what was best for the patient. So number one what are the side effects of these drugs?
  2. Can we afford to live for another eleven years? In fact current thinking is that we will live on average for up to 30 years after 65. A pension that may seem excellent now, given inflation and world financial events, may be hardly adequate in thirty years. So if we are going to live longer do we need to radically re-evaluate our working lives?

What do we need to do to prepare to live longer?

If you ever read the book 1984 by George Orwell, which painted a bleak picture of life in what was then the future. In that book because all diseases had been cured, people were expected to go and report to a centre when they were a given age and be put to death! That may sound incredible, but if we were all to live forever the poor old earth just could not sustain us.

The reality of working when you are older

The BBC did a program recently looking at the fact that we in the UK are raising the retirement age. Until recently it was 60 for women and 65 for men. Now women will retire officially at 65 and men 68 rising to 70 in the next few years.

So the BBC took a group of 70+ retirees and put them back to work.Three of the guinea pigs had been plumbers electricians and plasterers. These they put on a building site doing the jobs they had done all their lives. It was winter, freezing cold, working on a building with half the walls missing.

All three men did the job well, turned up every day, even though it meant them getting up at five in the morning, but they were slow and the weather really was very cruel. One said he felt if he was going to do this on a permanent basis it would kill him.

Three elderly women went to a chocolate factory packing chocolates into boxes. They also turned up every day and enjoyed the companionship, but again they were too slow for the production line.

The two most successful jobs were given to women. One was a waitress – this woman was exceptionally agile and although she was 77 she loved every moment of it and did the job so well that they offered her a permanent part time job.

The second job was a real estate vendor. In the two weeks she did the job she managed to sell one property and had others that were keen.

The elderly were harder working and more reliable than the young.

In the second week they put them up against young people who had been unable to find work due to the recession. The older people were by far the most dependable, turning up on time every morning and working hard.

In fact only one of the young people was offered a permanent job at the end and that was the plumber. He was young, keen and fit and much quicker than the elderly man he was working alongside. But most of the young showed a distressing lack of understanding of what an employer was looking for.

So I think what this proves is that many jobs are simply unsuitable for the elderly, but there are jobs where our life experiences and people skills can be used. Real estate where you have to be enthusiastic, warm and take the trouble to understand what the customer is looking, for is good.

What about customer services, or anything to do with dealing with people. Many old people suffer loneliness and would be only too happy to go out meet other people. Their life skills would enable them to listen to and sympathise with a customer.

Of course there is also the internet which is the new market. At present the main problem with the internet is all the get rich quick scams that abound. But as more and more computer literate baby boomers retire and want to set up consultancies or services, the internet will provide the perfect platform.

So my question is “Do you want to live Longer?” if you do how are we going to make financial ends meet? If you have any suggestions or would like to join in the conversation come to www,


  1. John Ogrins says:

    Enjoyed your article, Christobel…

    I’m nearing the age of 60 and because of some drastic changes in my eating and exercise routines, I’ve lost over 60 lbs ( nearly 30kg ) in just six months. The goal here is to live longer and healthier to hopefully reach 100 years and beyond.

    I read some years ago that the human body can comfortably serve you until the age of 150 years provided, of course, that you make your health a number #1 priority. Unfortunately, most people wait until illness strikes before we smarten up!

    Learning new skills, like online marketing, is my focus to add the income that I know I’ll need to financially survive through all of these years.

    My suggestion to your readers is to find something that you are passionate about… perhaps a hobby or activity that you thoroughly enjoy and develop a business around that! Do it part time at first. This way you will generate an additional income, especially while you are still working, and when you are ready to retire – your income will not!

    To Your Inevitable Success…


    • Christobel Edwards says:

      Hi John, thanks for your comments I 100% agree with you. In the final analysis the key to a long and healthy life is to keep passionate about life in mind and boxy and to keep interacting with people of all ages. Best Christobel

    • Christobel Edwards says:

      Hi JB,

      I am only just beginning to fully understand all this and the whole thing is a joyful voyage of discovery. I am sorry I have not replied before but I only just found this. For me the exciting thing about this stage of life is that we can do the things that our parents told us we couldn’t, because we wouldn’t make a living at it. Yes live life with passion and look after your body. Thanks Christobel

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