My research shows Charlie Banana – Best Diaper Review

Charlie Banana – Best Diaper Review.   It seems to me that as baby boomer’s we have a responsibility to future generations to leave this planet in an environmentally sustainable conditions.

So when your child gives birth to their own baby, naturally as a grandparent you wish the world they grow up in will be in a happy, healthy, safe and sustainable one!  This is why I have taken this issue of cloth diapers vs disposable and written this review.

An important issue we need to consider and bring to the attention of our children, the current parents, is the issue of cotton diapers vs disposable!

There is growing evidence that disposable diaper not only can be environmentally damaging, but also contain some extremely hazardous chemicals that we are putting on the skins of our newborn babies.

 The Number One Gift

So having done a lot of research I have put together this cloth diaper review to inform you as to why I have decided the number one present I shall give my daughter for her next baby is reusable cotton baby diapers.

Let me tell you the facts as described by the Real Diaper Association, in my Charlie Banana – Best Diaper Review

Why Parents are Choosing Reusable Diapers Today


Disposable diapers make up the third largest single consumer item in landfills. It is estimated that a diaper will take between 250 – 500 years, if ever, to decompose. When your grandchild grows up to an even more intemperate and maybe dangerous climate, is he going to thank you for making the situation worse?


Figures show that the average baby wears 6000 diapers over a two year period. The average cost of those disposable diapers will be $1,600 or $66 per month. The average cost of the number of cloth diapers required for the same period will be around $750. These diapers can also be used for a second child which means that you could get a saving of around $2,450

The only problem is that it is a cost up front which is why it is such an important gift for you as a grandparent.


Here comes the really important thing. Have you ever wondered how modern disposable diapers are so absorbent? The reason is because they use a chemical called sodium polyacrylate which becomes a gel like substance when wet. The same chemical was used in tampons until the early 1980’s, when it was banned, for that use, in many countries. The reason was because it increased the risk of toxic shock syndrome.

Traces of Dioxin are also used in the production of disposable diapers, these are a carcinogenic chemical listed by the Environmental Protection Agency as the most toxic of all cancer linked chemicals.

Diapers also contain TBT a toxic pollutant known to cause hormonal problems in humans and thought to have caused a reduction in sperm count for boys. I don’t wish to scare you but the list goes on. Greenpeace has bought up many of these issues, but as so often happens we ignore them until the whisper becomes a scream.


How do I look? I love babies in diapers!

Which is The Best Cloth Diaper According to 30 Mothers on Amazon

Read my Charlie Banana – Best Diaper Review,

 to Find Out Why!

With Charlie Banana Reusable Diaper, the 100% biodegradable liners can be flushed down the toilet taking any solids with them!


How cute are these

Given that we all have washing machines these days, or you can use a cloth diaper service. I have obviously done my research for you and the cotton diaper that has 30 good reviews on Amazon is called Charlie Banana.  But you need to know how do you use cloth diapers?

  1. This Charlie Banana – best diaper review will explain why this is the diaper for the 21st century. They are healthy, prevent diaper rash treatment, eco-friendly and economical.
  2. Charlie Banana diapers are a 2-in-1 reusable diaper system. Its a cloth diaper, but also known as pocket diapers, because when you are travelling, or on holiday and don’t wish to carry soggy diapers around, the smart front panel will allow you to tuck in a disposable pad. (The Charlie Banana disposable is biodegradable )
  3. So with Charlie Banana reusable diaper you get the best of both worlds
  4. The reusable washable inserts are made of highly absorbent micro terry and the disposable inserts are made of wood pulp and lined with a layer of soft bamboo.  Soft enough and safe for even newborn diapers.
  5. The diaper liners make diaper cleaning easy, because when the baby soils they can be flushed away down the toilet. They are made of wood pulp and are 100% biodegradable.
  6. Added to which Charlie Banana has the funkiest range of diapers I have ever seen including their adorable new Kate and Will range.  But best of all you know that by cloth diapering you are ensuring your grandchild has green diapers which will not be environmentally damaging.
  7. Another new product in their range is the 2-in-1 Swim Diaper and Training Pant, so Charlie Banana has a diaper for every occasion, which will allow you to save money, save the planet and protect your grandchild.
  8. The diaper that has 30 excellent reviews on Amazon is the One Size. According to the reviews, where mothers that have used them say “Like the construction!” –  “Find the gathering at the legs sturdy and easily adjustable as your baby grows. This is crucial to preventing leaks, it also means there will be no problem with diaper sizes.  Once bought you can plan your diaper space and the job is done.
  9. I loved one mother’s comment on her small baby who apparently slept over night for ten hours (lucky her). She said her Charlie Bananas stood the test, with no leaks, no poop explosions, no mess and a very happy dry baby. What more can you want.  So this is why I have given Charlie Banana my seal of approval, they make the perfect diapers for babies.
  10. Here is a simple diagram of Charlie Banana cloth diapers how to use.
One final tip from a mother who uses Charlie Banana diapers. You may know that it is now advised that all new clothing for babies should be washed prior to first wear. Equally to enable the cloth diaper to be at its most efficient, you should wash them a couple of times before using. This opens the fibres and ensures maximum absorbency.

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  1. Carol says:

    As a parent, we want to protect are children from all sorts of hazards. From the time a baby leaves the womb, a diaper is placed on the baby. It is amazing that the average parent does not consider protecting their baby from toxic chemicals from disposable diapers. Just as important, protecting the environment for that same child who will grow up some day. Nevertheless, I am happy to know that, when my son has his first child, I can be the grandparent to give the gift of Charlie Banana diapers.

    • Christobel Edwards says:

      Hi Carol, It is incredible how many young mothers I tell about the fact of disposable diapers and yet because, washable seem to be more work they continue to use them in spite of the facts. I know if I had another baby I would not dream of using disposable and I think this could be the next big issue like smoking. The big pharmaceutical companies want to hush it up because they are making so much money. Best regards Christobel

    • Christobel Edwards says:

      Hi Carol,

      I am sorry I have not replied before but this is all a voyage of discovery and I have only just found your comment. I find it amazing that more hasn’t been done to raise awareness of the chemicals used in disposable diapers. Apart from also the 500 years they will take to degrade. We must spread the word Thanks Christobel

  2. Your method of explaining the whole thing in this post is really nice, all
    be capable of without difficulty know it, Thanks
    a lot.
    [Christobel] recently posted.. Profile

    • Christobel Edwards says:

      Hi Gregorio, Thank you I feel very passionately about these diapers, I think disposable diapers will be the next smoking scandal. We are supposed to be leaving a nice environment for our children and grandchildren but environmentally these diapers are a disaster. But even more frightening is the toxic chemicals that are used in their production. I will be doing a press release about this and really driving this this year. Happy New Year Christobel

  3. Christobel Edwards says:

    Hi thanks for your comment this is a serious issue and one we are not taking seriously enough thanks Christobel

  4. Christobel Edwards says:

    Again really interesting I did not know that and I have just had a new grandchild. Thanks for your comment Christobel

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